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Growing Tomatillos

See this stuff? It doesn’t look like much, but boy is it delicious. I was mighty sad when our supply ran out in late fall.

Last summer I grew three tomatillo plants and got an amazing amount of the little green fruits. My sweetie made batch after batch of roasted tomatillo salsa. It was so much better than any tomatillo based salsa I have had a restaurants or from the grocery store. The perfect combination of sweet, tart, and spicy!

I grew the tomatillo plants from seed, just like tomato seedlings. The got a bit leggy under my kitchen lights, but recovered remarkably well. The produced many fruits and continued to grow late into the fall, long after the tomatoes and peppers had been given up in the cold and the rain.

If you haven’t ever grown tomatillos, I highly recommend it. They are an easy plant to succeed with and the harvest is delicious. The fruits look like little green tomatoes, but with a papery outer covering. When you take off the covering, the fruit inside is sort of sticky. You don’t eat them raw, you blanch or roast them before eating, which gets rid of that weird stickiness.


The tomatillo plants did well even with the cold spring and the sheet mulched garden. I’m planning on expanding my garden again this year by sheet mulching and will likely use tomatillos as one of the plants in the newly mulched areas. I plan to double the number of tomatillo plants I grow. Six or eight plants should provide enough tomatillos to try canning or freezing some tomatillo salsa this year. Maybe we can simply freeze the roasted tomatillos and then put together the salsa one batch at a time during the winter. I don’t have a pressure canner and if you are going to can salsas in a boiling water bath, you have to make sure they are very acidic.

Anyone have other recipes they love for tomatillos?