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Law Mowers on Scientific American

I would like to comment on this article about buying a “green” lawnmower. While electric lawn mowers are better than gas, the writer could have offered some other options. Maybe if you aren’t fit enough to push a reel mower it’s time to find a neighborhood teen who needs some extra cash. If your yard has so much grass that you need a huge mower you might think about whether you really need all that lawn. Lawn is very resource intensive. There are many other options available that use less water, fertilizer, and time. Reel mowers, if kept sharp can be surprisingly easy to use. Many of us just assume that a gas or electric mower would be easier, but we have never tried a reel mower or don’t know how to maintain one. Unfortunately I didn’t get to say any of that because I have to create a login in order to comment. I understand they don’t want a ton of spam, but there has to be a better way. If they want to spam me with adds about Scientific American ask for my email, but I’m not going to create a new password and log in for every website I visit.

Grass Clippings Flying
Creative Commons License photo credit: Dan4th