Garden Update: March 26, 2013

About a month ago, my dad built me a cold frame for the garden. Not sure how well it is warming yet, but I’m trying it out by starting cool season seeds in it. My first batch of seeds was decimated by snails about a week after they sprouted. After that, I sprinkled the bottom with sluggo. The wet climate here means the slug and snails are out of control! Yesterday I planted a flat full of cool season greens. If all goes well, I will transplant them out into the mulched garden beds in a few weeks.

  • Arugula-Sylvetta
  • Mixed Kale
  • Chard
  • curley cress
  • southern giant mustard
  • broccoli
  • 2 six packs mixed lettuce

I also decided to try a pea planting experiment. I bought a six pack of sugar sprint peas at the nursery along with a 1 oz packet of the same sugar sprint peas in the southwest bed of the garden. We will see if the transplants are ready for harvest sooner than the seeds. I also planted a test spot of old seed – simpson lettuce and brocollini. The soil very heavy clay in that corner, but with lots of redworms in the hay/mulch. Sprinkled sluggo again in that area. The last thing I want is to lose those pea sprouts to hungry slugs.

I moved the strawberries from the front to the northwest bed and the north-central bed. They seem to be adjusting well. The north-central bed is also sprouting volunteer potatoes. Kale overwintered in the northeastern bed and is now starting to flower. The flowers look like mini heads of broccoli. I might try snipping and eating them.


One thought on “Garden Update: March 26, 2013

  1. drfugawe

    I too had some Tuscan and regular Kale in my winter garden – and they both recently started putting out seed bracts, which I snipped off and blanched and added to a savory bread pudding a few days ago – quite delicious!

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