How is the garden growing? The patio garden

I have been so busy with my graduate studies, I have barely had time to garden, let alone blog about gardening. I’m not sure how you all do it!

I have been enjoying patio garden. I planted a bunch of strawberries. They haven’t produced a lot of large berries, but the plants are attractive and they seem to be doing well in the high shade under the doug firs. I also planted some herbs and greens. In general the herbs are doing well. The sage seems to not be getting enough light. I have lots of oregano, chives, parsley, cilantro, thyme, lemon balm, mint, and rosemary. My attempts to grow vegetables though has been largely thwarted. I have managed a little lettuce, but it hasn’t looked healthy. The chard has been looking good, but I can’t produce much, even with us two of us.

There are lots of blogs and articles online the discuss growing vegetables in small spaces, but  frankly I doubt whether it’s really possible to grow much on an apartment balcony or patio. I think a patio is a great place to grow some herbs to enrich your boring menu, but I don’t think you can harvest much in such as smal space. Also, even larger containers require a lot more work than the same amount of actual garden soil.  You have to water and fertilize a lot more and the soil costs a lot more. Has anyone else had luck growing one thing or another on a patio?

2 thoughts on “How is the garden growing? The patio garden

  1. Valerie!

    I think you’re mostly right in your opinion about growing veggies on a patio or balcony. My problem both this year and last (which was my first year trying it at all) is that, due to the layout of my apartment complex, there’s no way my plants get as much light as they need to flourish. I would imagine that would be the problem for most apartment-dwellers. I’m gonna have to peek around your site a little more — I’m interested in reading about your experiences and seeing your photos. =)

  2. Garden Grrrl Post author

    Thanks for stopping by Valerie! Light is definitely my problem too. Our apartment complex has large Douglas Firs all over. They keep the apartment cool in the summer, but they make it difficult to grow vegetables. Even when I have had a sunny, south facing patio, I just don’t get the same results from plants in containers. I’m not as good as I should be about fertilizing and watering. Also, a cement patio and a wall or fence create a lot of reflected light. It can stressful on the plants and make it difficult to keep up with watering.

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