Patio Gardening – Kitchen Herbs for Your Patio

Creative Commons License photo credit: tillwe

I’m still getting my patio garden set up and arranged, but one of the first things I bought to plant was some herbs. Herbs make me happy. They are beautiful, they like to grow in pots, and they then I don’t spend a bunch of money when I need some fresh herbs for cooking. I don’t know about you but I always feel like it’s such a waste to buy fresh herbs from the store. A small bunch of herbs costs $1-$1.50. I use a few springs and then the rest rots in my fridge, it’s such a waste. A small herb plant only costs $2-3 dollars and you can continue to pick sprigs off it almost year round here in Eugene.

Here are a few of my favorite perennial herbs for a patio…

The picture above is Thyme, which, like many Mediterranean herbs likes hot, dry conditions. Below are kitchen sage, oregano, and rosemary. All these herbs would enjoy a nice spot next to a sunny, warm wall.

Although these are shown planted individually, you can also plant herbs in large pots mixed with other herbs and flowers. I like to grow a tall herb with a trailing flower like nasturtiums or a trailing herb like thyme with an upright flower like geranium or marigolds.

Salvia officinalis (Common Sage)
Creative Commons License photo credit: The County Clerk

More Oregano
Creative Commons License photo credit: yashima

Creative Commons License photo credit: ceejayoz

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