What is a Garden Coach?

A garden coach helps you become a better gardener. You know the saying “teach a man to fish” right? Well in this case subsitute “garden” for “fish” and you have the idea.

You could pay a landscape architect or garden designer a lot of money to create a garden design for you. Then you could pay a landscaping contractor to install the design for you. After that you would need to pay a landscaping crew to maintain the garden for you.

Or you could get a little help in installing and maintaining your garden yourself. There is definately a time and place for contractors, architects and designers, but for many people who want to be able to create their own gardens, hiring someone else to do all of the work for you isn’t the best option.

Gardening is one of the most healthy, relaxing hobbies out there. Why pay someone else to have all that fun?

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