The 9 Best Gardening Tools For Bad Backs

Manufacturers have managed to design gardening tools for bad backs, and I promise they’re life savers! Your back will thank you when using these. 

If you love gardening, but your back says no, you should change your strategy. Better equipment is the best way to have an easier time gardening with a bad back. 

In this article, I share tips for gardening with a bad back and list the 9 best gardening tools you can use. 

Tips For Gardening With A Bad Back

Warm Up Before You Start

Gardening is a great exercise, and if you have a bad back, warming up before you start is essential. 

Do stretching exercises that focus on back muscles. These will help ease the strain garden work can have on your body.

Lift With Support – Gardening Tools For Bad Backs

Use your entire body to do heavy lifting. You can injure your back if you stand upright, lifting from your waist. Instead, bend your knees into a squat position and slowly lift the object close to your body before straightening your legs.

You can also invest in lifting equipment to make the job easier.

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Take Regular Breaks

Time can get lost when you enjoy spending time in your garden. Set alarms on your phone to remind you to rest.

You should keep your water bottle nearby and do some stretches during these breaks. 

Keep Your Garden High

If it’s possible, keep your plants high. You can create a walled garden or raised beds to reduce bending down. 

These garden types are easier on your back and will require less maintenance. Raise your garden to a level that’s comfortable to work at while you’re standing. 

Use Support

Sometimes it can feel impossible to get on or off the ground. You can add supporting objects like a chair to help you move easier by providing support on your way down or up. 

Kneelers are also a good idea. These are well-cushioned to give support to your knees and back. Most can also convert into a low chair. 

Use Ergonomic Tools

Ergonomic gardening tools make the work easier. Tools with long handles, for example, eliminate most bending work to reduce straining your back. 

Besides all-in-one tools, there are different ones designed specifically for each gardening task. 

The 9 Best Gardening Tools For Bad Backs

#1 Short-Handle Shovels

Short-handle shovels are great when working on the ground. Instead of using one with a long handle, you can sit on a chair, cushion, or the ground to dig holes without hurting your back. 

Ashman Square Shovel (1 Pack) 27 Inches in Length with D-Cup Handle Square Shovel

Gardening Tools For Bad Backs

#2 Hose Wand

You can combine a hose wand with a lightweight nylon hose to ensure you reach every corner of your garden. Hose wand extensions are long and eliminate the need to overextend yourself or bend down. 

#3 Garden Weeder

With a garden weeder, you won’t have to bend over to pluck weeds anymore. It makes plucking weeds easy with a long handle and easy-to-eject mechanism that pulls weeds from their roots. 

#4 Handle Attachments

If you already have a rake or shovel you love, purchasing handle attachments to make them more comfortable is a great idea. You can add these attachments to help you stand taller while doing simple tasks. 

#5 Wheeled Dollies

A wheeled dolly is perfect for moving big pots around. There are different sizes for different-sized pots. You can also use your dolly to carry fertilizer and mulch bags. 

#6 Garden Cart Seat – Gardening Tools For Bad Backs

A garden cart seat is a multiple-use object that makes gardening much easier. Thanks to big rubber wheels, you can typically move them around on any surface and attach a tray to hold all your tools. 

You won’t have to carry your equipment with you, easing the strain on your back. When you need to work closer to the ground or feel like resting, your cart will double as a stool. 

#7 Seat and Kneeler

You should invest in a padded seat and kneeler to protect your knees and support your lower back while sitting. Most of these are lightweight and easy to fold and pack away. 

#8 Ergonomic Wheelbarrow

Ergonomic wheelbarrows can lay flat on the ground, making them easier to lift and empty. They make gardening easier than hard-body wheelbarrows and have soft-grip handles for comfortable use. 

Ergonomic Wheelbarrow

#9 Raised Gardening Beds

More a solution than a tool, raised gardening beds can really change the way you garden! These container-like gardening spaces are high enough to eliminate the need to bend. Your back won’t strain, and you’ll have more control.

In Ending – Gardening Tools For Bad Backs

Gardening can strain your back. Luckily, with the help of ergonomic tools, you can reduce this pain and enjoy your favorite hobby again! Different types of equipment can make gardening with a bad back easier. If you have what’s necessary for each task, you’ll get through your garden chores without body pain. 

Most ergonomic tools are budget-friendly. You can also use raised garden beds to make gardening with a bad back even easier. There are many options, so you’re sure to find solutions that work best for you!

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. If you have more questions, ask them in the comments.


How do you garden with a bad back?

If your back is bad, you should purchase ergonomic gardening tools to help ease the strain on your body.

How can I garden without breaking my back?

If you don't have raised gardening beds, it'll be best to use a stool or sit on the ground while gardening. You can also use ergonomic tools that eliminate bending.

How do you garden if you can't kneel?

If you have trouble kneeling, ergonomic gardening tools with handle attachments is your friend! These will extend everyday gardening tools so you can stand upright while doing chores.

Can gardening cause lower back pain?

If you're gardening in an uncomfortable position or spend a lot of time bending down, your back can start feeling it. You should take frequent rests while gardening to avoid back pain.