6 Large And Useful Gardening Tools For Older Adults

The older we get, the more our bodies change, which is why it is necessary to use gardening tools for older adults. These tools were made with older adults and the elderly in mind with research and technology. Through this blog post, we will learn about six essential and useful gardening tools for older adults.

Not only can older adults use these gardening tools, but anyone that has trouble working in the garden because of pain and discomfort.  They are effective, reliable, and perfect for many occasions! I really recommend sticking with gardening tools made especially for the elderly as they are safe and easy to use.

Why Are Gardening Tools Essential?

So, why use gardening tools at all? Some people might not see the benefits of using gardening tools, but they are definitely there! Personally, I use gardening tools to keep my body and strength safe. For example, using a simple tool like gloves can keep your hands from touching dirt and bacteria, while also protecting your skin from punctures.

It is always best to prepare for the worst. Ergonomic gardening tools for seniors are tools for a reason and should be used! They are not absolutely essential, but they can also decrease the time it takes to do one task by hand. For example, a rake can sow seeds and pluck weed faster then one person using their hands.

Using gardening tools is also less messy. I don’t know about you, but I am not a huge fan of dirt underneath my fingertips. It makes me shudder and is not a favorite. Not only does the dirt look dirty, but it is hard to scrub out.

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6 Gardening Tools For Older Adults

The best gardening tools for seniors are located on this list. Although there are others that seniors can use in their daily lives while gardening, these six are personal favorites with proven track records.

1. Hand Tools With Grips

Sadly, some elderly people/seniors have problems with their hands. A large number of elderly people have arthritis which is an uncomfortable condition where the joints swell and cause pain. It is not always possible to avoid the swelling, even with treatment. Gardening is soothing, but can be tough work on our hands and joints.

Instead of giving up on gardening, seniors and the elderly have the ability to feel more comfortable gardening with hand tools with grips. These tools are the right size and come with a flexible and soft grip that is easy to use and clean. The grip helps the elderly hold onto the tools properly, which can help decrease the time it takes to garden.

2. Pocket Apron

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You would be surprised just how nice it is to use a pocket apron. Although the name of this device and tool may sound silly, it is really beneficial for elderly individuals who do not have a lot of space for storage of the overall arm strength to cart heavy tools.

Pocket aprons are one of many gardening tools for older adults that works really well. The material of the apron is soft, while also being strong and durable. This works since the durable material is strong and does not get weighed down by the tools. The pockets are deep so that the tools do not slip out easily.

3. Non-Slip Gloves

Since gloves are the number one thing people use while gardening, it is essential to think of the elderly as they need gardening tools for older adults. These non-slip gloves are made with a thicker material that are easier to use, handle, and even wash.

The thicker material ensures that the gloves don’t force your hands to slip. Some gardening tasks are very hands-on, which can cause issues if there is a possibility for slipping.

4. Long Handled Gardening Tools

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Another one of many great gardening tools for older adults is long handled garden tools for elderly. These tools are perfect because it does not force people to crouch down or lower their bodies to the floor. Some older people have severe back problems that cause pain and discomfort.

Long handled gardening tools allows a person to stand. These gardening tools for older adults are great for younger gardeners who struggle with back pain.

5. Elevated Garden Bed

Some garden beds are slightly lifted. Did you know these are actually gardening tools for older adults? An elevated garden bed can be as high as a person’s hip or waist. This decreases the need to crouch to grow plants, which in turn decreases the possibility of falling or getting a cramp. Sometimes, it is hard to get up, when you are down.

6. Light-Weight Wagon

A lightweight wagon is one of the better gardening tools for older adults. This wagon rolls around on 2 sets of wheels. It is surprisingly easy to haul around and does not require a lot of strength. This is essential as gardening tools for older adults, since it decreases extra weight and pressure on a person.

 How can I make my elderly garden easier?

Instead, these older adults can use a lightweight wagon that takes the weight and pressure off of their bodies. All they need to do is pull it. This can be dangerous though if there is a lot of clutter in the yard, including large tree chances and roots that stick out.


The smallest changes in a person’s life can make the biggest changes. This includes purchasing and actively using gardening tools for older adults. These tools are designed, researched, and tested for the elderly to better their lives. Gardening is a favorite amongst many senior citizens, but the movement can cause pain and discomfort.

Thankfully, there are unique gardening tools for older adults that work well to combat against this pain and discomfort. Did you learn anything new about the different types of gardening tools for older adults? If yes, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

It would be even better if you could share this blog about gardening tools for older adults with your friends and family!

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How can I make my elderly garden easier?

To make gardening easier for the elderly, there are a few things you can do. You can make the gardening tools longer, this way a person won't have to bend low and potentially harm their backs. Adding in gentle grips also helps with arthritis and joint pain.