Is It Safe To Use Cinder Blocks For Gardening? 4 Creative And Interesting Ways To Use Cinder Blocks

It is okay to wonder is it safe to use cinder blocks for gardening since they used to be made with cinder. Through this article, we are going to dive into the creativity you can have with cinder blocks and bricks in your garden! Not only do these bricks and blocks bring color and design, but they are useful for planting and creating borders!

You would be surprised just how many uses there are for these cinder blocks. It is important though to prepare the area before you use them and find the right ones. Some cinder blocks are toxic and those that are broken are hard to repair and use.

What Are Cinder Blocks And Is It Safe To Use Cinder Blocks For Gardening?

So, what exactly are cinder blocks? It is almost impossible that you have not seen cinder blocks once in your life. While they look different depending where you go and their purpose, they are usually a grey or reddish color. They are often used in construction and as weights!

Some cinder blocks are made and produced with cinder, which is the burnt part of coal and wood. This is not always dangerous, but should not be consumed! The cinder though is usually not what you should worry about. Low quality concrete can sometimes have traces of lead, which can be very harmful to a person’s body.

 Are cinder blocks safe to grow vegetables in?

4 Ways To Use Cinder Blocks In Your Garden

There are a lot of ways you can creatively use cinder blocks and concrete blocks in your garden! Highlighted below though are four unique ways we have found work well!

1. Storage

Did you know that you can use cinder blocks in your garden for storage? Now that you don’t have to wonder if is it safe to use cinder blocks for gardening, you can concentrate on decorating and figuring out where the blocks should go. Cinder blocks made with high-quality and lead-free concrete are safe and you can use them as storage.

Do you have a lot of gardening tools outside and no place to put them safely? I recommend painting over your cinder and cement blocks! This will make it look beautiful. The two large square holes are great for keeping smaller tools in place. This way you don’t lose them and won’t have to wonder ‘is it safe to use cinder blocks for gardening’.

2. Containers

 Can you use cinder blocks as planters?

Have you seen some people use their leftover cinder blocks as containers? It is a neat idea that saves a lot of space, especially now that you won’t have to wonder is it safe to use cinder blocks for gardening. When using them as planters or containers, you should sand them down though.

Sometimes, cinder blocks and cement blocks are rough and can leave your hands feeling dry and almost cut up. Always wear thick gloves when moving and gardening with cement blocks.

3. Raised Beds

For older people and those who do not have great soil, cinder blocks and cement blocks make great raised beds! Since these blocks are stackable, all you need is wet cement or heavy objects to stack the cinder blocks to create a raised bed. Inside, you can add your own soil, compost, fertilizer, and plants!

4. Garden Borders and Walls

Need to spruce up your garden, but don’t know how? I find that adding bright and bold borders throughout a garden can help add flare! Since cinder blocks and cement blocks are easy to find and affordable, you have the ability to mess around and create a project!

 Does concrete leach into soil?

I recommend taking one to two days before installing the border or wall and painting each of the blocks with different symbols, colors, and designs that make you happy. A garden is a happy place that should reflect that! Cinder blocks only increase the beauty and emphasize your plants in an effective and affordable way.

Once the blocks are designed and painted, I recommend leveling the grass and area where you are going to place the blocks as a border or a wall. This actually helps also decrease the amount of weeds that creep into the space where your plants are. This is a great option for both the front yard and the back yard.

The Benefits Of Cinder Block Gardening

There are so many benefits to using cinder blocks and cement blocks in your garden, that it is so hard just to choose one! The biggest benefit is that they are relatively safe. As long as you do not purchase or re-use an old cinder block with lead and high amounts of cinder, your plants and health will be ok!

No longer do you have to wonder either if is it safe to use cinder blocks for gardening since the newer models are a high-quality cement that does not leak the minerals into the soil and root systems. These thicker blocks and bricks are also effective because they are durable!

You can leave these cinder blocks without fearing is it to safe to use cinder blocks for gardening since the weather rarely affects them. They were made to be used in the construction world and wow does it show!


All in all, it is okay to learn about and wonder if is it safe to use cinder blocks for gardening. You don’t want to use something in your garden that will harm the plants or you! Those of us who plant edible gardens know how safe we have to be as the plant and fruit can easily absorb cinders.

Thankfully, most newer bricks and blocks are made completely out of cement, but have a similar appearance. Cement does not leech into the soil and does not cause problems growing. Learn anything new about is it safe to use cinder blocks for gardening?

Let us know in the comments and share this blog with your gardening friends looking to re-use items creatively! We are happy to answer more questions then just is it safe to use cinder blocks for gardening!


Are cinder blocks safe to grow vegetables in?

It really depends. Older cinder blocks that primarily use cinder can leak into the soil, causing issues with vegetables. This is not recommended, however, if there are no cinders and it is only made of concrete, it is completely safe!

Is concrete toxic to plants?

No! Concrete does not leak into soil or the roots of a plant. You should not have any worries about using concrete near or with your plants.

Can you use cinder blocks as planters?

Yes! Using cinder blocks that are only made out of cement are completely safe to use as planters. This is an effective and affordable way to re-use blocks and bricks!

Does concrete leach into soil?

Concrete does not leak or leach into soil. It is a compact mix that holds up well and is not toxic to plants.