5 Special And Good Milk Crate Liners For Gardening

Using milk crate liners for gardening is a smart move that not a lot of people think of! There are a lot of items and materials you can use to garden in your own home! It is a great way though to save money and add some unique flair and fashion to your home!

Personally, I like to use milk crates and milk crate liners because you can stack and re-use these materials each year. They are great against wear and tear and affordable! In this blog post, we will dive into the great benefits of gardening with milk crates and how to do this is an effective and affordable way!

What Are Milk Crates?

Milk crates are the crates often used to store milk and other perishable goods. Although they are called milk crates, you can find them in groceries holding just about any item! They are medium-sized storage bins that are often black and thick.

The shape of these crates is unique because the pattern on the outside resembles squares and diamonds that all connect. While some milk crates are made with wood and other natural materials, the ones often used for gardening are hard plastic that are more durable against nature and weather.

 How do you cut a milk crate?

How To Prepare Milk Crate Liners For Gardening

Now that you know what milk crates are, we should dive into how to prepare them for gardening. When looking into preparing your milk crates, be sure to start with cleaning and properly sanitizing them. Since they held dairy, any extra dairy can attract bacteria, mold, fungi, bugs, and larger animals.

The stickiness can also cause a mess and large problem. I recommend making a soapy water mixture alongside a disinfectant to scrub and dunk the milk crate in. Afterwards, dry it until it is not dripping wet. Once it is dry, add milk crate liners for gardening inside carefully.

5 Unique Milk Crate Liners For Gardening

Although most people opt to buy specialized brand name milk crate liners online and at large plant retail store, this does not mean it is the only material to use for milk crate liners for gardening. The five I recommend to use, in no particular order, are:

1. Burlap

 How do you plant in a crate?

My absolute favorite recommendation to use as a milk crate liner for gardening is burlap fabric. It is thick and almost feels like straw or hay. The thickness should not scare you though, it is likely the roots on your plant will continue to grow and expand.

Burlap gets rid of excess moisture and water because it is not tightly stitched together. The small areas are great for reducing the water amount, while keeping the plant hydrated and safe from falling into the holes. Burlap is also cheap and effective, you can buy a whole role nearly everywhere because of how accessible it is.

The only thing about burlap is that it is a fabric, which means it won’t last forever. This type of fabric is thicker and harder to use, it also does not last longer then one growing season.

2. Trash Bags

On a budget? No worries, we have you covered! Did you know you can use trash bags to line a milk crate? These milk crate liners for gardening are excellent choices since they are affordable and the trash bags are often small enough to fit them properly.

3. Plastic Liners

Plastic liners and trash bag liners are similarly connected since the material is the same. The thing about plastic liners is that there are specific roles of plastic used for plastic liners for the use of milk crate liners for gardening. Over time these can result in root rot though.

 milk crate liners for gardening

4. Landscape Fabric

What about landscape fabric as milk crate liners for gardening? This fabric is what is used right before someone adds mulch around the shrubs. It captures water and releases it slowly into the soil. It is also a lot easier to find and cut then burlap and the other materials on this list.

5. Specialized Milk Crate Liners

One day, somewhere, someone decided that milk crates needed liners to be successful tools for gardening. When they chose this though, they made it into a success! Now, you can find specialized milk crate liners online and in select stores. I recommend going online first to look for these.

Why are these milk crate liners for gardening useful? They are useful because they come in various different scents, material types, and purposes. Some are great for larger containers, while others are made to fit the size of the default milk crate container/planter.

Tips And Tricks On Using Milk Crate Liners For Gardening

It is important to look at the tips and tricks on using these milk crate liners. It is absolutely essential that you use some kind of liner when using a milk crate. This is because the holes in a milk crate make it impossible for the plant to grow successfully as the soil completely comes out from the openings.

 What do you line a milk crate planter with?

However, that being said, some plants can thrive without a lot of soil. For example succulents simply need rocky terrain and a lot of sunlight! They also don’t like to be wet or ‘soggy’, which is why a lack of a liner helps as the water simply runs down.

When fully securing a crate liner, you can tie the corners when a liner is too big to the outside of the milk crate. You can make this look decorative with colors and bows!


All in all, milk crate liners for gardening is a great tool to use when looking to save money while gardening. Milk crates can be found nearly everywhere. They are easy to use, prepare, clean, and re-use again! The liners though are the trickiest parts of the process.

Have you learned anything new about milk crate liners for gardening? I recommend looking for milk crates near you for free. You would be surprised what companies throw away! They could be your new one of a kind planters. Share this article with friends interested in creating a diverse and unique garden with milk crates!


What do you line a milk crate planter with?

You line a milk crate planter with a plastic liner that is biodegradable and yet sturdy enough to hold in pounds of weight from the plant as well as the soil.

How do you make a milk crate into a planter?

You can make a milk crate into a planter by cleaning it thoroughly and adding in a liner to keep the dirt inside.

How do you plant in a crate?

You must start by adding a liner. After the liner is tied and secured in place, you can place dirt inside as well as your plant or seed.

How do you cut a milk crate?

You cut a milk crate with thick scissors or plyers. However, it is not always necessary.