The 7 Best Gardening Songs For Preschoolers

Using gardening songs for preschoolers will help your little one get excited about planting and growing seeds! Whether you’re a teacher or mom looking for ideas, you’re covered here!

Gardening songs can teach children about sprouting seeds, plants, and growing food. Whichever theme you want to cover, there’s a song to help you make the message clearer.

In this article, I explain why learning through songs is important and list the 7 best gardening songs to teach your preschoolers. 

The Importance Of Learning Through Song

Repetition Creates Routine

The most popular reason to teach preschoolers songs is to help their brains create patterns. 

They can learn to associate specific tasks and activities with certain songs. When the music comes up, or someone starts singing, they know what comes next. 

Gardening songs can create a routine that helps your preschoolers garden. Lines about shoveling and planting tell them what to do and teach them the order of gardening tasks

It Lifts Moods

Some preschoolers may be less excited about gardening than others. They may see it as a chore, and their mood may instantly fall when they hear the word. 

Singing a fun song makes little children excited about almost anything. They’ll be happier and more into gardening when they can do it while singing a song that helps them know what to do. 

Songs Teach New Words – Best Gardening Songs For Preschoolers

The average preschooler doesn’t know many gardening terms. If they sing a song and see an object or do an activity portraying that word simultaneously, they’ll have an easier time learning its meaning. 

Preschoolers learn better when they can see or partake in the word being explained. Songs help children do this. 

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The 7 Best Gardening Songs For Preschoolers

You can use many songs to teach your preschoolers about gardening. Most songs are sung to the rhythm of others, but the lyrics are changed to a gardening theme. 

Song 1: I’ll Plant A Little Seed

This song was inspired by ‘I’m A Little Teapot.’

Your preschooler can stay involved by using movement according to the song’s words. Some lines include actions like bending down to plant a seed and mimicking rainfall. 

Song 2: I’m A Little Seedling

This song is also sung to the beat of ‘I’m A Little Teapot.’ It is from the seedling’s perspective and includes information about what it needs to grow. 

It refers to Spring as the time when seeds should be put in the soil and teaches kids about the best season for gardening. 

The Song Garden

Best Gardening Songs For Preschoolers

Song 3: The Parts Of Plants

You can sing this hit to the beat of ‘The Muffin Man.” 

It’s a really educational and fun gardening song that most children adore. The song starts with the roots and ends with the flowers, giving information about each part of the plant and why it is important. 

Here are some lines from the song to give you an idea of what it teaches:

“The roots, they hold the plant in place 

and suck up water too!” 

“The stem moves water up the plant, 

brings water to the leaves.”

Song 4: The Garden Song

“Inch by inch, row by row. Gonna make this garden grow.” This is the first line of this song by John Denver. 

You can teach this song to advanced preschoolers, who’ll have an easier time understanding the metaphors used throughout. 

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Song 5: Gardening Song – Best Gardening Songs For Preschoolers

This popular Cocomelon song teaches little ones all they need to know about gardening. It takes them through every step, from planting the seed to seeing it sprout. 

This song is fun and educational! Some lines refer to what plants need to grow, like:

“Plants get hungry, yes they do,

they use the sun to make their food!”

“Plants get thirsty just like you,

water gently, that will do!” 

Song 6: Let’s Plant A Tree

This song is a little different than the traditional flowery gardening songs. It teaches preschoolers the steps to plant trees and why they are important.

Teaching them this song will excite them about planting a tree that can be a home for birds and squirrels, just like the song says! They’ll learn them while developing a love for nature.

Let's Plant A Tree

Song 7: Little Seed

Sung to ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb,’ this song focuses on God helping the seeds grow. It still includes the water and sunshine the seeds need but refers to God as the final touch to the growing seeds. 

In Ending, Best Gardening Songs For Preschoolers

Spring is the season for planting, and there’s no better way for preschoolers to learn how than through songs. Music makes learning easier, and songs written with gardening themes will excite your little one about working outside. 

Many gardening songs for preschoolers teach them new skills while expanding their vocabulary. Singing about garden work will help your kids develop a love for planting and help them gain confidence when their seeds sprout and grow successfully. 

I hope you and your little one like the songs listed in this article and that you have a great time combining them with your gardening work. If you want more ideas about teaching kids new skills through song, let me know in the comments.


What songs help plants grow?

There are many songs to teach your preschooler that'll help them learn how to grow plants, but playing music to your plants is also beneficial. Studies found that classical and jazz music helps plants grow better, so be sure to add some hits from these genres to your playlist!

What songs should I sing to my plants?

If you want to stimulate your plants with your voice, sing them a lullaby! Research suggests that plants react well well to soothing sounds.

Does playing music help plants grow?

There isn't any conclusive evidence indicating that music helps plants grow, but much research suggests this is the case.

Can plants really sing?

Plants can sing in the way we perceive music. However, they have biorhythms that can translate into pitch messages through a PlantWave device. This will detect electrical variations and create music.