What Is Pumice Used For When Gardening And 3 Interesting And Amazing Ways To Use It

It is understandable to wonder what is Pumice used for when gardening and how to use it properly. This mineral rock is very common, but who would think to use it for planting and gardening? This unique stone is a favorite and has many uses and a lot of history.

During this blog, I will dive into what this stone is and how to use it in the garden. You will learn about the many ways you can use a Pumice stone and where to find them! These decorative pieces also spark color and shine into your yards!

What Is Pumice?

It is not uncommon to hear the word Pumice. This stone, Pumice, is a volcanic rock formed when water hits hot lava and forms a gas quickly. The inside of the rock begins to expand from the cool temperature and the air. However, instead of cooling to a solid stone, it expands until it creates a solid stone with smaller minerals.

No two pieces of a Pumice are exactly alike since they are unique and frequently break apart. Although this is the case, this rock is usually jagged, but smooth on the inside. The minerals on the inside of the Pumice sparkle as well and it is a super common rock.

At the moment this rock is used for a lot of things. Some people use them as borders to keep water from flooding or as decorations in a home by the pool. They soak in water well and are draining! Some people use Pumice, however, to make cement and special rings.

 Do you mix pumice with soil?

What Is Pumice Used For When Gardening: The Benefits Of Pumice

There are quite a few benefits you should look into when using Pumice stones for gardening. One of the benefits is that the stone is cheap. Since there is an abundance of this stem or gem, it should not be hard to find. Pumice is also effective as a fertilizer in plants!

Some people even add Pumice to their compost bin to create new compost. This compost can be then used directly in the dirt and the roots will take in the nutrients. It is effective too as it releases moisture and also gives it enough nutrients to thrive.

Did you know that Pumice is especially great for gardeners who like succulents? Using pumice for plants for cactus and succulents work because the stone is well-draining and provides significant air circulation.

3 Ways To Use Pumice In Your Garden

There are more than three ways to use Pumice in your garden and plants, but the three ways listed below are the most common and beneficial to plants!

 How do you mix pumice with soil?

1. Decoration

Although these stones are common, they are still beautiful! Want a nice decoration that adds a pop of color and sparkle to your life? You should not be afraid to decorate your home and yard with Pumice. I recommend adding it near your planters to add the sparkle.

Since the stone is smooth, you can also decorate it with paint and drawings! Always use a brush though that you won’t use again with any other material. The sharp shards and minerals in the rock sparkle and are great if you want to add this shine to your own home. Even in cactus pots, the beauty shines through.

2. Fertilizer

Still interested in knowing What is Pumice Used for When Gardening? Not only can you decorate your home and yard with pumice, but you can also use it as a fertilizer. There are a lot of nutrients in this one rock that are perfect for plants that require well-draining soil!

You can either make your own fertilizer out of the stone or simply buy a product in the gardening section that uses high concentrations of Pumice. It is important to know What is Pumice Used for When Gardening, since it is a versatile volcanic stone with lots of uses!

 Is pumice good for vegetable garden?

You can either purchase the rocks or a processed fine powder. Either way, they both have high concentrations of magnesium, potassium, and iron. The fertilizer though does not work right away, the stone needs to break down into the soil to provide the roots nutrients.

3. Compost

Do you have a compost system and don’t know What is Pumice Used for When Gardening? You are in luck, you can use this mighty stone for compost! For example, if there are any leftover in your home after a large project, you can add them to your compost bin.

These stones break down easily and once they break down, secrete various minerals and vitamins into the compost. This makes a strong fertilizer that you can use in your plants or gift away to other gardening friends.

Tips And Tricks For Using Pumice In Gardening

Still interested in learning What is Pumice Used for When Gardening? Other then the three ways listed above, there are a lot more. However, in this section I will go into detail on tips and tricks for using Pumice in gardening. When using this stone in gardening, even if you are using a powder, you should wear gloves to protect your hands.

The stone or rock is similar to glass. Some shards can be sharp and leave your hand with cuts. This is why if you are using these rocks for decoration when learning What is Pumice Used for When Gardening, you should wear sand it down, while also wearing gloves. Smoothing the stone can make it easier to use and paint.


All in all, Pumice is a wonder rock and a favorite. Did you learn anything new about What is Pumice Used for When Gardening? If yes, let us know what in the comment section! This powerful rock is underrated and yet so common it is often used in gardening and for decorative purposes.

Did you know you can also use this rock to clean? If you know anyone else who is interested in learning about mixing Pumice into soil for vegetable gardens and succulents and What is Pumice Used for When Gardening, send this article their way!


How do you mix pumice with soil?

You can mix pumice with soil by massaging the small rocks into the soil and adding water. As it breaks down the nutrients leak into the soil and roots.

Do you mix pumice with soil?

Yes! you mix pumice with soil directly.

Is pumice good for vegetable garden?

Pumice is amazing for vegetable gardens as it breaks down and brings nutrients to the soil, much like a natural fertilizer.