4 Strong And Valid Reasons Florida Is The Best State For Gardening Vegetables

It is not easy to try and make the assumption or the crowning winner of the best state for gardening vegetables because each state has their own positives. However, looking through data like the soil fertility as well as the growing season and pests, I believe that the best state for gardening vegetables is Florida.

This is one of those states that has a lot to offer, and who would have thought they are an agricultural  favorite? The soil in Florida is very fertile and perfect for decomposing organic objects, which gets fed back to the roots of plants! Together, we will look into what makes Florida the best state for gardening vegetables.

What Makes A State Good For Growing Vegetables?

There are no exact criteria which state what makes a state good for and at growing vegetables. While this is the case, it is safe to assume and make predications based on what farming states and communities rely on. Not all states are great for growing vegetables, especially those that require heat and long hours of sunlight.

The overall climate and temperature of a state is a good indicator if the state is good for growing vegetables. For example, states that experience harsh winters and lots of rain and water and not the¬† best for growing vegetables. This does not mean though that vegetables can’t be grown in harsh weather though!

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Florida’s Growing Garden Communities

Did you know that the number of Florida gardeners is growing each year? This is amazing considering there are so many opportunities to garden for both homeowners and renters. I live in an apartment and don’t have a balcony, but the Florida sun provides just enough sun to grow delicious vegetables and fruits by the window.

Not only can you garden from the comfort of your home, but there are communities that are happy to allow you in with open arms. As the best state for gardening vegetables, it is no wonder that all major cities have multiple community gardens that are free to the public.

In fact, these gardens have become so popular that there is a long waitlist that people sign up for! National and State associations and master gardener classes also exist in many counties in the state of Florida.

4 Reasons Why Florida Is The Best State For Gardening Vegetables

There are way more then four reasons as to why Florida is the best state for gardening vegetables. That being said, the most common four reasons I know of are listed below.

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1. Fertile Soil

Possibly the most important reason on this list is the fertile soil. You can’t grow seeds without proper soil. Not all dirt is the same! Some soils are deplete from nutrients, but this is not common in Florida. This is why the soil is used for fruit tree groves as well as fields of berries.

If you don’t know if the soil in your backyard is fertile, you should take a test. You can buy them in landscaping stores or online and it tests the levels of your soil. Thankfully, if the soil is not fertile near your home, you can amend it by adding organisms and nutrients.

2. Plenty of Sun

Florida is the sunshine state for a reason, which makes it the best state for vegetable gardening. Most vegetables need both a lot of sun and a frequent water source. The sun provides the plant energy and helps it create more to thrive and survive.

The sunlight also makes it possible to garden indoors, which is the only option for some people that do not own land themselves.

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3. Summer All Year Round

Something interesting about the state of Florida is that it rains a lot during the summer and since it is summer basically all year round, this rain is random, but great for hydrating the plants. This also means that there is an intense sun nearly all the time.

With the proper clothes, you can be gardening outside and helping your plants in Florida as they thrive in the summer sun.

4. Cool Shade

Although the sun and heat is important, it is also best to grow cooler and leafy vegetables in the shade. Since there are huge palm trees everywhere naturally in Florida, you can use the shade to grow leafy greens like spinach, swiss chard, and lettuce.

If there is not enough shade, you can make your own with an umbrella! This actually would also make a beautiful decoration in your backyard.

How To Garden In Florida

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Now that you know a few reasons why Florida is the best state for vegetable gardening, lets briefly touch on how to garden in Florida. The full answer really depends on the weather outside as well as the time of the year. During the summer, lots of vegetables stop producing and you should place them under shade with plenty of water.

However, during both Spring and Fall, you can grow crops like peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, and more. If you are not great at remembering to water your plants, you can also make your own self watering bottle.  This will drop water slowly as the sun warms the bottle expanding it, which waters the plants evenly.

During Florida summers, it is also common to find yourself suddenly in a thunder storm. Don’t worry though, plants that are sheltered from the rain and wind will be just ok, which is why I recommend bringing in containers of vegetable plants when the weather changes.


All in all, the best state for vegetable gardening is hands down Florida. This state is not only known for its theme parks and tourism, but the thousands of orange trees throughout the state. The soil is fertile and there is plenty of sun and shady spots in Florida to grow a vegetable garden.

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Did you learn anything new about the best state for vegetable gardening? Let us know in the comment section below your thoughts and favorite plants to grow! Have someone interested in learning about Florida’s gardening community? Share this article with them!


Which state is best for growing vegetables?

Currently, the best state for growing vegetables is Florida, however, keep in mind that there is no official record! This is my opinion based off of Florida's growing zones, agriculture, and tropical weather.

What is the best state for year-round gardening?

Florida resides in a primarily zone 11, which means it is perfect for year-round gardening. Even during the hot blazing months of summer, there are crops that thrive!

What states have the best soil for gardening?

There are a few states that have the best soil for gardening, other then Florida, which includes; California, Hawaii, Vermont, and Nebraska.

Which state has the longest growing season?

The state that has the longest growing season is between Florida and California, but of course it depends on the crop and plant you are growing!